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to inspire you to tap into your innate intuition to nourish your body, & subsequently, soul.


nutrition is simple -

what you put into your body, influences how you show up for your life.

let's break it down to remember what proper nourishment feels like -

it feels good.

it feels good to feel good.

nourish your body, light up your soul. SM


THE SEPE SIGNATURE guides you to incorporate this goodness into your life.

 Lauren Sepe
founder & creator of THE SEPE SIGNATURE SM

Lauren’s path in the world of nutrition & cooking, nourishment & joy begins with cooking at her great-grandmother’s side as a toddler, journeys through years as a competitive athlete, and navigates the surge of the “wellness world” in her twenties. 


A personal journey of introspection over a decade-long struggle of injury & the pain that comes with it, deepened Lauren’s passion for learning about alternative healing modalities & the concepts of functional medicine.  She knew there had to be a way to live a life that felt better; she was determined to discover it. 


Lauren delved into research, absorbing & embodying the teachings of leaders in functional medicine & nutrition, alternative & eastern medicines, and spiritual & energy healers.  The power of food became quite evident – what you put into your body, directly impacts how you feel, determines your state of health, and influences your ability to show up to your own life.  She saw the joy her cooking brought to family & friends, as well as her joy in sharing her wealth of health knowledge with others...Lauren heard her calling.


THE SEPE SIGNATURE came to fruition to serve as a modality to guide others towards

the healing power of food.


integrative nutrition specialist

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

integrative health coaching

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

dedicated holistic health advocate

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